Adelaide mum defends breastfeeding seven-year-old son

Do you have a newly born child? Have you already considered whether to choose bottled milk or breastfeeding?

Nowadays many of us think that the “normal” way to feed an infant is to use a bottle with formula. While this may be necessary in some cases particularly with the many women who have no enough milk and choose to use formula instead, breastfeeding is still considered as the better option. The benefits of breastfeeding are for both mother and baby.

Lisa Bridger with her son Chase.

The truth is breast milk is incredible. Aside from the fact that it is free, it is nature’s way of naturally providing for babies. It is the perfect temperature, the mother’s areola is already sterile, and it is easy to carry with you wherever you may go and these are some nice benefits of breastfeeding. On the other hand, formula milk requires you to sterilise the bottles, and then warm up the milk to the right temperature. The milk contains the perfect balance of nutrients, including fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antibodies. Formula tries to imitate breast milk, but doesn’t come close.

While formula milk stays from newborn to toddler, breast milk changes to meet the needs of the baby. It also helps improve the baby’s immune system as the antibodies that are found in the mother are passed through the milk to the baby. This means that the infant are healthier, protected from infections and illnesses.

Moreover, breastfeed infants also have fewer food allergies. By breastfeeding there is a lower risk of contamination from water sources or from bacteria getting into their digestive system. According to certain researches, breastfeeding can also lower the risks for type 1 and 2 diabetes, obesity or even tooth decay.

Breastfeeding truly brings a lot of benefits to infants and toddlers. But what happens when a 7 year old kid still breastfeed from her month? Read the full story:

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