Cooking With Coconut Oil

Cooking The Healthier Way

What does coconut oil have that any other oil never had?

Coconut oil is the oil extracted from the white meat of coconuts from the coconut palm trees. Cocos Nucifera is the scientific name of the coconut tree; it is from the family of Palmaceae. It is quicker and cheaper to manufacture coconut oil by pressing it from copra (or dried white kernel) though a lot of people are confusing about the difference between a virgin coconut oil and extra coconut oil where actually they are just one and just the same. There is also another way of getting coconut oil from the coconut is by the physical refining. With this method, the coconut oil still had its medium-chain fatty acids intact. Coconut oil when extracted as described in the older method is typically labeled as “expeller pressed coconut oil.” According to some professionals, the perfect example of a healthy food is the coconut oil. What more if you put it on your daily food? Did you know that coconut oil could be used as your food supplement? Yes it could. It could actually boost up your energy. Coconut oil is great for baking, stir-fries and a dairy-free replacement to butter. Actually, you can use it in anything.

Many of uses

What are the other uses and benefits of coconut oil?
• Coconut oil can become a coffee creamer when mixed up with coffee.
• It is high in lauric acid that helps boost your metabolism.
• It can be used as a replacement of vegetable and olive oils.
• A tablespoon of coconut oil into a cup of tea can help cure sore throat.
• You can make smoothies with coconut oil.
• You could bake chocolate chip cookies with your kids using coconut oil instead of butter and vegetable oil. You could feel the tropical twist in your cookies!
• You could absorb more vitamins in your veggies if you cook with coconut oil.
• Mix your butter with coconut oil and start popping popcorn!
• A spoonful of coconut oil to your dog or cat’s food is good as well.
• Coconut oil is also good for homemade magic shell ice cream.
• You could help improve your digestion with coconut oil.
• Spreading coconut oil to your morning toast or pancakes is a good way to start your day.
• Give your infant child sweet potatoes with a touch of coconut oil.
There are actually more uses and benefits of coconut oil than using it for cooking. Having a spoonful of coconut oil alone, you could have a healthier body already. What more if you out it on your food and serve it with your family? Start a healthy lifestyle by serving healthy food to your family by using some of the coconut oil recipes. You could also save your budget for it is much cheaper than any other oil. You could even make your own by extracting oil on your own. Coconut oil is also a good and better cure for sickness like high cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and chronic fatigue. Now cooking should be healthier with coconut oil in hand.
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